Are pets allowed on the watercraft?

 Answer: Lakes End Marina has specific watercraft that will accept pets. Please be sure to let us know at the time of booking if your plans include bringing your pet. 

By restricting pets on certain watercraft, we have an easier time keeping our watercraft in excellent condition for all of our customers.

 Is fuel included with our watercraft rental?

Answer: Fuel is not included with your rental unless otherwise noted. Fuel consumption is directly dependent on the weight of the watercraft, occupancy, water conditions and your riding style.  Your rental starts with a full tank of gas.  Upon returning your vessel, you are responsible to fill the gas tank back up.  Keep in mind, for full and multi day rentals, Lakes End Marina is the only gas facility available on the lake.

What is Lakes End Marina’s cancellation policy?

Answer: Our cancellation policy requires you to let us know of your intent to cancel at least 3 days (for hourly and half day rentals) prior to your reservation. If cancellation is less than 3 days (or 7 as per below) you will be charged the full rental fee.  Full Day, Multi-day and Weekly plus holiday reservations require a minimum notice of 7 days.

Cancellation policies may be more strict during holiday periods, which include several days surrounding the actual holiday date.

 Reservations that do not show up will be charged a NO SHOW Fee equal to the full rental.
A 50% deposit is required on all reservations. (A rental credit for a future rental will be issued if reservation is cancelled or moved as outlined above).

Do we need to bring our own equipment?

Answer: No. Although you are welcome to bring your own vests or water sports equipment, vests are included with each rental and we have a full line of water sports equipment available to purchase or rent.

What happens in the event of inclement weather?

Answer: Unfortunately we have no control over the weather. It is our policy to prevent accidents from occurring by restricting watercraft use during inclement weather. If the weather is bad on your scheduled day, just give us a call and we will be happy to reschedule for another day based upon availabilility. You are not obligated to go out during inclement weather.

How fast are the jet skis and boats?

Answer: The jet skis we rent are capable of reaching speeds of 55-60 mph. However, the weight of the riders and water conditions may influence the top speed of the craft.

Rental boats vary in speed depending on the size, horse power of the motor, number of riders and wind conditions to name of few.

 How many people can ride on a Jet Skis and Boats?

Answer: Each of our watercraft rentals specify the maximum amount of persons.  Please be mindful of this when making your reservations.

Do you have to mix oil with the gas in the Jet Skis or Boats?

Answer: No. These machines have four-stroke engines, which means all you have to do is put gas in them. When you rent one of your machines they are fully fueled and you never have to check or add oil. Just make sure you don’t run out of gas!

How many people can we take on each craft?

Answer: Capacity ratings vary by craft. Please visit the craft page for each craft you are interested in or call our office to confirm capacity ratings.

How do multi-day rentals work?           

Answer: Our multi-day rentals are true 24-hour time periods. If you rent for two or more days, you can pick-up the craft at the time selected on day one and bring it back to the marina at the same time on your final day (alternatively evening to evening pickups and drop-offs are available). This is a true multi-day rental.   In addition, our weekly rental is just that – ONE WEEK – 7 DAYS.  Don’t get stuck being short a rental day by those that classify a week as 6 days.

Keep in mind we also offer hourly, half day and full day rentals.